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Our menu consists of a variety of dishes that define our restaurant type. We have signature dishes like Cheung's Special Foo Yung which includes boiled rice or chips for the perfect combination. Our Appetisers are fantastic and dishes like Prawn Toast will have you wanting some more. We have the best combination of dishes that leave you happy and fulfilled. Dishes like Chicken in Oyster Sauce and Beef in Oyster Sauce are some of the finest examples of culinary excellence in our restaurant. The dishes on the menu are not only tasty but they come in a wide variety to cater for everyone. The delicious Chicken Dishes, for instance, comprise of items that are popular among food lovers. These dishes are nevertheless prepared in unique techniques for a distinct flavour. If you are a lover of chicken, you should definitely try dishes like Chicken & Char Sui with Beansprouts for a fantastic taste. Our restaurant type has an extensive menu of delicacies that include Sauces, English dishes, Roast duck, Fried rice and many other great dishes that cannot be listed in full. We encourage everyone to take a look at our menu in order to get the full experience.


Website: https://cheungschinese.co.uk/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/chinesetakeawayossett/

Phone: 01924 281128


41 Dale Street


Opening Hours:
Mon – 5pm - 11pm
Tue -  Closed
Wed -  5pm - 11pm
Thu -  5pm - 11pm
Fri -  5pm - 11pm
Sat -  5pm - 11pm
Sun - 5pm - 11pm