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Scarecrow Festival 2017 Winners are announced!

Thank you to the 1351 people who voted for their favourite scarecrow. The winners are as follows:


1st: Dimplewell Infant School & Nursery - Farmer

2nd: South Parade Primary School - People Who Help Us

3rd: Gawthorpe Community Academy - Firefighter







Groups age <16:
1st: 3rd Ossett Rainbows - Firefighter

2nd: Emma Chapman - Post Person

3rd: Wakefield Lifesaving Club - Lifeguard







Groups age 16+:

1st: York House - Surgeon

2nd: Ossett Rotary - Astronaut







1st: Tomlinson - Boudicca Queen of the Iceni

2nd: Tanny Buckle - Nurse

3rd: Adam Harley - Chef







1st: Wakefield Hospice - Chef

2nd: Bierhuis - Shoddy Worker

3rd: Spinning Yarns - Tailor